Working With Cash Buyers In Texas

People usually go through different experiences while selling a home in Houston, Texas, because properties and situations are often different. You’ll hear one Houston home seller talk about how he or she enjoyed the whole experience of cash buyers but another one will describe it as costly and expensive.

Let’s say you decide the best method to sell in Houston, is the one that involves the real estate agent. You’ll have to spend a lot of money working on the repairs and fixing the upgrades as listing is almost impossible if the property is not well prepared. Also, finding the right buyer is not that easy. You have to be a really patient person.

If you manage to get a buyer with the right offer, the house will have to go into escrow until you and your buyer fulfill your respective obligations. Another process that usually time consuming. And when all is said and done, you are called to the closing table settle the both your agents’ commission, various fees, and the closing costs.

Selling the conventional way has been a trusted method of selling for years but now most Houston home sellers are exploring other methods. This is because there have been a lot of complaints. For example, one seller once said that he could close on time, not because the buyer wasn’t willing to close, but because the agents were not ready to make compromises. Many have also complained about how costly the process is.

All these issues can easily be dealt with if you and every other seller works with professional cash buyers who are mostly focused on improving the community and not making profits.

Perks of selling a house to cash buyers like us

Skipping the repair costs

You can save a ton of money and even earn a lot more if you manage to sell any Houston property without worrying about the repair costs. It’s not that difficult for the repairs budget to go right out the door while working on cosmetic repairs. And by the way, we’re not talking about those repairs requested by the prospective buyer after inspection. You’ll get to those after you work on these.

Selling to us is beneficial in that you get to avoid paying for the hassles and repairs because you get to sell as is. Furthermore, you won’t be wasting any time in the process.

No working with a real estate agent

We’re not saying that it’s wrong to sell a home with a real estate agent in Houston, Texas. all we’re saying is, you can easily avoid paying those costs associated with the process, if you work with our company. And the amount that you get to save is no small amount. Imagine a real estate agent usually charges 5 to 6 percent of the final sales price. So if you manage to sell my home at 450,000 dollars, you might pay up to 27,000 dollars. To be honest, this amount is enough to get a new car or work on a project with reasonable returns.

Are you ready to sell my house? We want to hear from you. Call us, today!

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