Selling My Houston Texas House Quicker Than My Competitors

How long it will take you to sell my house fast in Houston Texas will depend on a number of factors. We Buy Fast Houston Houses knows you wanted a straightforward answer, but we’re afraid that’s not going to be possible. We’ll have to take into account how experienced your real estate agent is, the property’s location, its condition, method of selling, etc.

But… If you’re hoping to sell my home within a week, there’s a way you could speed up the process. And guess what? It won’t even cost you a dime.

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Before we talk about what that is, let’s first look at the best month of sell my house fast in Houston, Texas – summer.

Why’s Summer The Best Time To Sell My House Fast?

According to real estate experts in Houston Texas, it’s easier to sell any kind of property during summer because most schools have been closed and parents aren’t busy parenting their kids. They also found out that the hot weather helps in the sense that you don’t have to fear being rained on or freezing in the cold while you’re out house hunting.

From a psychology standpoint, people tend to be more productive in during summer, as opposed to winter. Psychologists attribute this to the warmth experienced during this period, as it easily triggers the release of the “happy hormone.” And we all know happy people are always more willing to spend more money.

The Time Factor

 Timing is everything in the real estate business. If you want to sell my home fast at top dollar, you have to find a way to sell at the best possible time.

Now that we‘ve told you a lot of sellers love selling their homes during summer, you should expect the market to be flooded with inventory at the beginning of the season. And that means buyers will have a lot of options to consider. Options that will create what real estate experts call the “buyers market.”

The buyer’s market is a market that favors the buyer more than it does the seller. As a seller, you’ll find yourself having to negotiate from a weaker position because buyer’s already know there are a lot of other options to work with.

Working With A Real Estate Agent

A reputable and licensed professional could help you speed up the process, but even they know they can’t guarantee a sale. Of course, they’ll be instrumental when the time comes to navigate different obstacles in the market, but if you want to close the deal in a matter of days, you’ll have to talk to a different professional.

Cash Buyers

You’ll have hit the jackpot if you find a cash buyer willing to make you an offer. For starters, cash buyers only transact in cash. There’s no mortgage lender whicpering into the buyer’s ear or other investors looking to take advantage of your inexperience.

Secondly, they close deals in less than a week. All you have to do is make a phone call, and they’ll have one of their reps knocking at your door with an offer.

And lastly, you get to sell my home as-is. As in, there’s no repair required or upgrade.

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