Get Rid Of My Houston, Texas Distressed Home

Have you ever tried to sell my distressed home on the Houston Texas market? We thought we should ask because this had to be the hardest thing that we’ve ever done in our lives. And mind you that’s coming from a property investment company that specializes in buying and selling home fast in Texas.

You know, it’s common knowledge that selling any type of property is hard. So we didn’t go in thinking that it’s going to be smooth sailing. What we didn’t anticipate was how hard it was going to be. And the funny thing is, when the headaches start multiplying, there’s no stopping. It’s almost like the entire universe is conspiring against you.

But do you know what we love most about such experiences? The fact that we get to learn from them. And the more we learn the better we get at the things we do.

For example, we learned that the today’s buyer is different from that ones we used to deal with in the past. They are savvier, pickers and less gullible. Also, they are always looking for move-in-ready homes. We don’t know why that is, but we’re think it might have something to do with the tough economic times that we’re currently experiencing.

“Bold” is the other word that we’d use to describe them. They are very bold, since they don’t mind giving you an offer than sounds insulting. And they’ll give it to you while looking at you dead in the eyes. Even without flinching or smiling.

Oh, before we forget, these are some of the tips that we picked up along the way:


Confidence is everything in this market. But to have that confidence, you have to find a way to determine your property’s current market value. We would have asked you to reach out to a reputable appraiser, but we already know you’re working with a shoestring budget. So instead, we’ll ask you to research the market. Talk to people and find out the current rates. Ask for statistics from different real estate agents and property investments professionals who are ready to lend you an ear.


Hire a licensed home inspector to help you figure out which areas need your attention. There’s no worst feel than that of having to explain to a buyer why you never realized there’s mold in the house even if it’ a distressed property. They’ll start to think that you were trying to shortchange them, and that’s also not a good feeling.

Prospective Buyers

You have to know your audience before going out there. Don’t just assume anybody looking for a distressed house in Houston Texas will be ready to make you an offer. We have people who are looking for distressed homes, but not that kind of distressed home.

So who are your potential buyers? What do they want? And how can you make the sale easy for them?

We Buy Fast Houston Houses can help you land a one-in-a-lifetime cash offer. And that’s something that we can guaranteed because we are the guys making the offer. Just call us, and we’ll make it happen.

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