Sell My Houston House Cash Fast

Are you wondering what would make me want to sell my Houston house cash fast? Life is not a bed of roses. Issues like divorce, mortgage payments, relocation, and job layoffs could compel you to sell fast for cash.

The first thing you need to do is to reach out to people who buy real estate in cash. That means you need to market your Houston house. Getting them in the door won’t be difficult seeing as property investment firms are always looking for sellers who want to sell fast for cash in Houston. But if you wish to sell to a retail buyer, you’ll need to work extra hard before closing the deal.

Before selling my Houston home fast for cash, I realized there are a couple of things I needed to get acquainted with:

Title or deed

Anyone in the real estate business will tell you that before you get into anything you have to make sure you draft up a contract. Draw up a purchase-and-sale agreement that will help you avoid issues that might pop up later on. The homebuyer will then conduct a title search just to be certain that the title is clear. By the way, liens and other encumbrances are deal breakers.

They will also be interested in the kind of deed being offered. For instance, it is a special warranty, quit claim, or your ordinary warranty?


If the prospective buyer feels comfortable with the way things are, they will right away make an offer. Any buyer who’s offering cash for the house will be confident during the sale because they don’t have to rely on a third-party lender. They’ll have more bargaining power, but in case you feel like you’re not comfortable with what they are offering, you have the option of making a counteroffer.

Appraisal or inspection

Once you accept the offer the cash buyer will want to be sure that they are getting their money’s worth. They will thus ask for an inspection or appraisal. These two processes will point out any significant issue that the house might have.


Cash deals are great because you and the buyer get to set the closing date. You can work with a schedule that is convenient for both of you. All you have to do is to show up at your local notary office with a cashier’s check and a pen.

Steps to take before selling a Houston home for cash

Pricing: This will either lure or repel a buyer. If you risk going too low most people will think the home is not in pristine shape. You go too high and risk not closing any deal at all. So check out other similar properties in the area and figure out an average market rate.

Curb appeal: It’s all about creating a good first impression. It only takes a few seconds for the buyer to make up their mind on whether they are going to make an offer or not. So add a fresh coat of paint on the mailbox and mow the lawn.

Deal sweeteners: Have you ever heard of the principle of reciprocity? A buyer will always be willing to pay more if he or she feels like they are getting something valuable in return. Tell them you’re ready to settle all the closing costs and see how fast they will make you an offer.

These are some of the things I did while selling my Houston house fast for cash. Talk to our representatives to learn more.

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