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Given the choice, do you think I would work with a real estate buying firm if I want to sell my Jefferson County home fast? And in the event I decide selling to a cash investor is the best route to take, what would be the logic behind such a decision?

Today’s piece will help you understand why traders in Jefferson County’s real estate market are settling for cash investors instead of selling the old fashion way. We are about to acquaint you with our home buying process in Jefferson County, and the surrounding areas.  Are you excited to learn about us? Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up the top.

The Steps Involved In Buying a Jefferson County Home in Texas:

Step 1: Contact Us

The process kicks off immediately you get in contact with us. We are always looking for sellers willing to sell fast, and at a fair price. Unfortunately, the Jefferson County real estate market is incredibly huge, and in addition to this, not everyone thinks that’s selling to a cash investor is a good idea. You’re like a needle in a haystack in such a large space. My wish, like all the other sellers, would be to sell my Jefferson County house quickly, and that’s why I’d reach out and listen to what we have to offer.

Step 2: Reviewing the Details Submitted

This is a protocol so don’t freak out thinking we’re looking for faults. According to our company policy, we have to review the details so that we can be absolutely certain that what you’ve submitted meets our buying criteria. The due diligence carried out by our company ensures credibility, and helps deliver better services. If everything checks out, we will contact you and then set up a quick appointment.

Step 3: Offer Presentation

What we come with on the table will be in writing and relatively fair compared to what our competitors offer. You’re not obligated to accept or sign anything if you feel what we’re offering is less than what you expect. Talk to our representative and through them we’ll try to find a middle ground that makes both of us happy.

Step 4: We Close

We’ve worked with different reputable title companies in the past and they are always ready to help us close our deals fast without having to jump a lot of hoops. In less than a week you’ll have cash in your hands. You also won’t have to worry about that Jefferson County house anymore.

Why would I sell my house to a cash buyer?

Before you make up your mind on which route you want to take when selling, you should know that we’ll never charge our clients even a single dime unlike Jefferson County real estate agents. Realtors are in the business of helping Jefferson County sellers find prospective homebuyers, but that won’t be necessary if you work with us because we are the actual buyers. Secondly, you don’t have to break bank trying to repair your house since we buy homes in their as-is conditions. And lastly, we pay the closing costs.

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