Selling Your Home Fast To a Home Investor

Most of you have probably come across the “We Buy Your Houses Fast” or “We Buy Houses For Cash” sign as you drive in the streets or your neighborhood.  However, if you are like most of the home sellers, this might be your first encounter dealing with home investors. However, before you sell your house fast to a home investor, you should analyze the pros and cons to enable you to make an informed decision.

Pros Of Selling Your Home To An Investor

Selling As Is

Real estate investors buy homes in their current condition to flip them. Selling your house this way will save you some costly repairs and renovations that would have been considered initially as your responsibility. If you are not in a position to make the necessary repairs or prepare the house for viewing yourself, selling to a real estate investor could be your best option.

Flexible Payment Options

An investor may offer you different methods of payment such as prescheduled cash payments, cash, certified fund or they may completely take over your existing mortgage. Due to the availability of multiple options of payment, you will easily find a solution that will suit your needs best. Moreover, we provide additional services such as cleaning the house, clearing titles and much more at no cost to the home seller.

You Don’t Need To Move Before You Sell

Another key benefit of selling to a home investor unlike a realtor is the ability to negotiate with your investor so that you don’t have to get out of your house before you sell it. You can also negotiate a lease back agreement with the home investor, meaning you can get your equity out of the property before you relocate. The investor will also allow you to decide when to move out of the home. Hence, with this type of sale, you will have all the time to prepare and ensure that you move out at an orderly and relaxed pace.


The Investors Do Not Require A License To Buy

Since the real estate investors don’t need a license, this means that you as a seller know absolutely nothing about the individual offering to purchase your house. Most of these investors are either corporations or persons who are in real estate business. Before you decide to sell your home fast, ensure you research on the investors, and you can also ask for their credentials and experience.

You Will Sell Below The Market Value

The Home investors will always have their costs to contend with, and these expenses will be factored in the price they offer you for the house. The real estate investors also understand the power behind the cash offer and the risk they are taking by buying your home in its current condition. Whatever their reason, it is impossible that the investor will give you the market value of your home.

Many Scam Investors

There is a very high risk of fraud in every financial transaction, but it is imperative to avoid any scams especially when you are dealing with a tremendous asset. To prevent such issues, research the investors online to know who they are and also ask for some references. You can request your listing agent to do the research for you and also check the home investor with Better Business Bureau.

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