Sell My Houston Home Without Repairs

I know that if I want to sell my Houston home before working on the repairs is next to impossible in Texas. You have to fix the property before putting it on the market is you wish to compete on fairground with other sellers. Figuring out whether to update or upgrade the home using your own money or selling it at a discount to a buyer who’s ready and willing to work on it can be another dicey decision to make. Most prospective home buyers are usually reluctant to invest in a house with multiple repairs needed, and this is understandable.

How to present the Texas home to a buyer

You can handle this situation in a number of ways. Below are a couple of tips to consider:

  • Be as open as possible

No one loves a shady person. In this business, most buyers are already paranoid so if the potential homeowner suspects you’re hiding something they won’t hesitate to back out of the deal. The best policy is, to be honest and divulge everything that you know. Tell them what needs fixing and figure out beforehand the estimated cost. Make them understand that you’ve factored in all these expenses in your decision to come up with the right asking price.

Finding someone who’s good at what they do is not a walk in the park. People tend to blow their trumpets a lot with nothing to show for. If you’ve made a list of contractors, carpenters, or other specialists that you’ve worked with in the past and liked what they do give it to your buyer. You’ll have helped them seeing as they won’t have to deal with the hassle of first searching for reputable professionals who’ll deliver on their promise.

  • Discuss the repairs effect to the property’s value

You’ll only want to invest in something valuable, right? Well, that’s the same logic that your buyer will use. The potential homeowner will want to know that their purchase is worth the pay. So if they feel like the repairs will negatively affect the home’s value they will want you to consider lowering the price.

But what happens when buyers won’t buy my Houston home due to the repairs needed?

Without a doubt, you’ll come across people who aren’t ready to buy that Texas house in its as-is condition. If such a scenario, you’ll have to think about how best to make the deal irresistible. For instance, you may offer something else in addition to the house. Give them furniture or a unique portrait of anything.

Another great alternative is to sell to a property investor in Texas. We will always want your home in whatever condition it’s in. We don’t care about the level of repairs needed as long as it’s something that can be fixed. Your typical buyer will compel you to get a home inspection due to this reason or that, but that’s not the case with us. Soliciting the help of a Houston real estate investor guarantees you a sale. So do you need to sell your Houston home, but you’re hesitant to work on the repairs? Call us and close the deal today!

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