Reasons Why You Need To Draft A Real Estate Will

Have you ever thought of writing a real estate will? If you haven’t, you should because it’s the one document that you can use to influence events that unfold after your demise. There are cases where all the will is for is to deal with issues of personal significance but a lot of the time it’s focused on asset distribution among the successors. This is actually a huge deal because if you let the successors reach a settlement in their own or if you leave it for the courts to decide, the end result might not be what you wished for. The estimators or courts will only see number of value instead of seeing all the factors in play.

Persuasive arguments as to why it’s important to have a will if you’re a real estate agent in Houston, Texas

Continuation of your plans

You can never really know what someone’s thinking. We do have successors who’ll believe in continuing with your projects and cementing your legacy while other will see your portfolio as an opportunity to uplift themselves financially. So if you’re a serious real estate investor in Houston, Texas, you should write a will and prevent this from happening.

Personal relationships

Why do personal relationships matter? Well, they do matter because even though you’ll want to take them into consideration while distributing your assets, the courts won’t take them a valid metrics. The only thing that the court will take into account is how close that successor is to you. needless to say, all your assets might end up in the hands of your worst enemy and the person that you love the most might be left with nothing. You can simply avoid this by drafting up a will, stating your desires and intentions.

Avoiding a succession wars

History is full of successions wars. And even though your situation won’t be that huge of a deal, it could still happen on a smaller scale and have tremendous ripple effects. A real estate will can help you avoid this by making a compromise that will make all the successors happy. At the back of your mind, you should always remember that this move is a smart one since the estimator or court does not really know how close you are to your successors.

Take care of your successors

It’s important to draft a will sating how your portfolio should be handled because some heirs might depend on what you’ve left behind to change or maintain their current lifestyle. You don’t want to see a situation where your spouse is being evicted by her in-laws just because they think she has no right to inherit what was passed down to you by your parents.


Even though we have people who don’t really care about what’s left behind, a vast majority do and want to see their loved ones well taken care of. So if you want your memory to be honored, and your legacy carried on, you should draft a will right now.

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