How To Sell Distressed Houston Home

If you’re planning to sell distressed Houston home you need to psyche yourself up for one hell of a bumpy ride. It’s a challenge and only few people have succeeded to sell at the end of the day. You won’t find these kinds of properties on Houston’s MLS and for obvious reasons real estate agents in Texas avoid them like the plague. I don’t really blame them! I mean, who really want to take up a challenge that can make them look bad on paper?

The market is also pretty small for these houses. Fixing it might not even be worth it because you’ll end up spending a lot of money that you most likely won’t get back after closing the deal. You have to invest so much before seeing the results. Selling my distressed property in Houston was difficult at first but after a while I got the hang of it. Below are some of the tips I used:

A significant fraction of the market will be looking for something different from what you’re selling. Very few people are receptive to the idea of buying distressed properties in Houston. You have to understand the market first before you try anything. Ask yourself who’s buying distressed homes at the moment. You can’t miss a house flipper or investor looking to make you an offer. You can also be surprised by someone looking for a fixer-upper. But don’t think you’ll get the same response as you would with a turn-key home. The bottom line is as long as you get the distressed property in front of the right audience you’ll right away sell.

  • Sell for cash

Selling in Houston has always been a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Thanks to home buying companies and investors all around Houston, selling your fixer-upper is now easier than ever. Once you go through all the perks associated with this process you’ll realize it’s far more beneficial compared to the traditional listing.

Just watch out for unethical and inexperienced homebuyers. Look for reputable investment companies such as ours and sell fast for cash. A credible firm should make things simple and transparent. They’ll want to have a sit-down with you and work out a perfectly tailored solution for you.

  • Don’t go way overboard with the repairs

By spending more money fixing the house you’ll only be wasting more resources by setting off a chain reaction of costs. You’re not going to live there. You can still have a positive effect on the final price by spending your money on small-ticket items. I’ve noticed most of the time prospective homebuyers usually focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. Your focus should be in these areas.

So you can’t make all the repairs but with the help of a professional, you can come up with a list of things that need fixing. Give the buyer this list to avoid issues later on in future. The good news is companies like ours don’t really care about the state of the property, we buy homes as-is at a fair price.


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