Which Upgrades Are Needed To Sell My Houston Home?

Immediately I think about what upgrades to invest in and those to forget in order to sell my Houston home. I have to be witty because we do have those that will increase the value of the property and those that will do pretty much nothing at all. In fact, all that they’ll be doing will be wasting most of my time and money.

Fortunately for me, they have my back. With this piece, we’ll know that about the three upgrades that are necessary when selling and those that you need to forget about.

The three upgrades to invest in before selling your Houston home include:

  • Paint

I’ll need to revive the house and hopefully, brighten it in the process. To achieve a fresh look I have to add another coat of paint onto the already faded one. We all have different color preferences so I should try to stick with something a little bit neutral. I may also incorporate some artwork of sorts just to make the house pop out. Painting is one of the low-cost upgrades that usually have a massive impact. In addition to this, the coat will hide a lot of nail holes or cracks in the wall.

  • Bathroom and kitchen facelift

These are the two areas of any house that potential Houston buyers focus on when viewing a home. I don’t have to work on upgrades that will cost you a fortune. Revitalize the space by resurfacing the cabinets, working on the drawer pulls, and getting new faucets. When it comes to the bathroom, I can re-grout or clean the existing grout. I also have the option of using vinyl tiles which can go on top of the ones you have on the floor.

  • Landscaping

The goal here is to get that instant curb appeal which is possible if I plant flowers out front. Alternatively, I can hide the dirt using a fast-spreading cover. My lawn has to be mowed nicely and I shouldn’t forget to trim the trees or bushes. I should maintain the space by adding pretty rocks or planting succulents. Landscaping will contribute a lot to a perfect first impression so I have to do as much as I can. Work on the mailbox as well and draw the attention of buyers by hanging a bird feeder or something adorable.

What I have to forget about;

  • The basement

The basement is something not many buyers focus on so such a project can cost a lot and not add value to the sale. And quite frankly most people prefer designing the space to their liking. I should just throw in a discount in the price and let my buyer know why I’ve decided to do so.

  • The pool, deck, or patio

Adding this feature might not yield much in the process. If I feel like adding anything, I will add some plants or pavers. In case the owner feels like they’ll need a deck or pool they will hire a professional to build one.

  • Major bathroom and kitchen renovation

A complete overhaul is not necessary. The only people who should hire a contractor to change the room are those that have a fire or flooding experience. Otherwise, the cost of an extensive repair doesn’t make any sense.

We can give you more strategies or tips to use when buying or selling a Houston house. Get in contact with us through our website, and a representative will get back to you right away.

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