Sell your house to a Houston home investor or hire a real estate agent in Houston?

Selling your Houston house can be a complicated process if you are not armed with enough knowledge. Most house owners either sell to a Houston home investor or hire real estate agents to sell for them. However, before you choose how you will sell your house, you need to understand how real estate agents and home investors work, the advantages and disadvantages of going through both, and the affordability.

Real estate agent

A real estate agent is someone you higher to look for buyers for the house and finalize the details of the sale.

Pros of hiring a real estate agent

  • The real estate agent has sold other houses before and knows the process.
  • You will not participate in the negotiation. The agent will represent you and take care of your interests.
  • The agent will guide you on the entire selling process.
  • Through an agent, you might get the asking price for the property.

Cons of working with a real estate agent

  • An agent will ask you to work on the house before you can sell it that will cost time and money.
  • You will have to clean the house and put a fresh coat of paint.
  • You have to wait while the property is being shown off to prospective buyers who might take weeks or months before deciding to purchase.
  • While you wait for a buyer to purchase the property, you will have to continue paying bills, taxes, and insurance on the property.
  • After the sale, you will have to pay the agent a commission which might be hefty at times.
  • You might not get the asking price for the property.

Houston home Investor

A home investor is someone who buys houses, renovates them and sells them at a higher price to make a profit.

Pros of selling to a Houston home investor

  • Investors know what they are doing since they purchase houses for a living.
  • You will get an exact offer on the house leaving no room for gambling or guesswork.
  • Investors buy houses as they are meaning you will not have to spend on doing repairs and cleaning up.
  • If you want to sell in Houston fast, you should sell to an investor since they buy the house within a few days.
  • There are no commissions fees to pay, and you do not have to wait for a long time.

Cons of selling to a Houston home investor

  • You might not get the market price for the house since most investors pay less for the house.

Before you choose who to go through, you should find out if you want to sell your Houston House fast or have the time to wait so as to get the market price for the property.

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