Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

For a couple of months now, I’ve seen home sellers try selling their homes. Some of my readers have even on what to do so as to sell their houses. Magnitudes of homeowners have had prospective buyers show up, only to make empty promises and leave them asking why isn’t my home selling.

I’ll tell you for a fact in the market you’ll have to pull all tricks up your sleeve if your home is to stand out from the rest. Make the consumer go for that one thing that makes your home distinct from the other homes on offer.

You didn’t go for top-notch advertising and marketing strategies

In the world of business, effective marketing and efficient advertising is everything if you’re to increase your sales revenue. The real estate market is no different. Your home is a product competing with other homes that are manifestations of products too. Through marketing and advertising, you’ll be able to create a unique brand. So go out there and advertise as your life depends on it.

– Hold open houses on different days other home sellers have their open houses.
-Create fliers and postcards and distribute them door to door to your neighbors, friends, and friends of friends.
-Learn from the positive criticisms and work on the negative ones.
-thanks to social media, you’re able to shoot and upload videos at the click of a button

Amateur real estate photo shoots

In this age where technology rules everything, optics is everything. The superficial layer of an object sells more than it’s worth. Take quality pictures that are appealing to the eye. Ensure you take the pictures from a wide range of angles with perfect lighting.

-Space is a factor, so many buyers consider while buying homes so while taking photos make sure you mostly take those of the larger rooms like the master bedroom instead of a visitor’s room.
-Take close-ups of the most exciting features in the house.
-Be cautious of mirror reflections are these would include you in the pictures. Remember, were selling the house and not selling us.

Your home situation

Scout your competitors and find out what they are doing. Find out what home fraction is selling and what’s not. Be part of the percentage that’s selling by finding out how they suit the buyer’s demand needs. By comparing different homes in the market, you’ll not only figure out what’s making yours not to sell but also find out what you ought to do so as to stand out among the upper ratio that’s selling.

Your agent is under-qualified

Experience plays a significant role when it’s all about selling a home. Some agents have good public relations gimmicks that quickly sell houses while others still find themselves learning the ropes. Find an agent who’ll sink his teeth in and sell your home at a favorable asking price.
Before settling on one agent, ask around and even conduct several interviews. Let the agent show your samples of what they have already accomplished.

Overpricing your home

Take your agents listings into consideration. Don’t go for astronomical figures just because you feel your home is unique from the rest. Always remember the rule of any market; the lower the price, the higher the demand. Of course, I’m not telling you to sell your house at a loss but ask your realtor to assist you to come up with something worthwhile.

Observe the other homes layout and locations and compare this to your home. If you’re close to various social amenities, then your home will probably cost more than the rest of the homes available in the market.
With all said and done, do bear in mind your home is still your home until that time which a transaction occurs. So don’t sell it short!

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