Selling My Houston, TX, House With A Real Estate Agent

House selling tips in HoustonSo people find the process of selling my home in Houston, Texas, a tad bit intimidating. Especially if the person selling, has no experience selling any kind of property. That’s why it’s important to reach out to a professional like We Buy Fast Houston Houses, who’ll coach you through the whole process. A qualified cash buyer can make selling less stressful and smooth, because they have the experience to tackle different obstacles.

You could always work with a real estate agent when selling my home fast in Houston, Texas, but find a good one has never been easy. Even if you do your homework before hiring, there’s a chance you’ll still end up working with an agent who will make the whole experience a night mare. Below are some of the signs you’re working with a bad realtor:

Poor communication

If you’ve been in this business as long as We Buy Fast Houston Houses has been, you already know this is the number one complaint against realtors. It’s a frustrating feeling and could result in a loss of opportunity to close a deal. A good realtor understands that communication is key in the process.


How often do they show up late for appointments? Are they always well groomed? Appropriately dressed? Look for all these signs because they’ll be there.

Poor negotiation skills

Negotiating on your behalf is one of the real estate agent’s primary roles. So, if they are not good at it, what are they good for? You’ll only end up wasting more money in the process.

Zero marketing skills

You have to market my home effectively for it to attract prospective buyers in Houston, Texas. Therefore, if you have to sell conventionally, carry out an online research just to find out if your agent has a good online presence. If they don’t, call We Buy Fat Houston Houses for help.

Do you want to know about some of the benefits associated with working with We Buy Fast Houston Houses?

  • Pricing expertise: Only an appraiser can give you the real value of my home in Houston, Texas. They are trained to analyze the property using real estate comps and figure out what buyers are willing to pay for it in the current real estate market condition. If you try to price my house in Houston, Texas, without considering certain things, you’re likely to under price or overprice it.
  • Handling paperwork: There’s no real estate transaction that can take place without paperwork. We Buy Fast Houston Houses will help you draft those documents as required in every stage of the selling process.
  • Selling my home as is: Different sellers have different real estate goals. But if there’s one thing that We Buy Fast Houston Houses has learned over the years, it’s the fact that many of them sell because they feel drowned by debts. Asking a seller, who needs money, to make extensive repairs before selling my home, is ridiculous. We Buy Fast Houston Houses will buy that home as is.
  • Zero commission: this is definitely the number one reason why so many sellers opt for a direct sale in Houston, Texas. Taking this route means paying zero commission.

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