Demerits of selling a house during the holiday season

Those who are selling a house during the holiday season must be wondering if it is the right time. The question is valid, and you will get the answer to whether you should sell a house during the holiday season. The holiday season is one with many activities and should not be spent selling your house.

There are many seasons that have been said to be the best for selling homes. Spring is the best followed by summer and fall and winter. However, the holiday season is described as the worst time to consider selling your house.

Here are reasons why you should not consider selling your house over the holidays.

  1. It will disrupt your holiday plans

During the holidays, most people invite their extended families and friends over for meals and even to spend time together. During the holidays, you watch movies and have a nice quiet time with your family. Selling your house during the holiday season will disrupt this since if a buyer wants to look at the house, you have to pack everything before the agent shows the buyer around. Holiday house sales just kill the mood.

  1. Things can turn messy

If you live in a location where the holiday season means snow or rain, you might have to clean up after every buyer, and this can be tiresome. Potential buyers will walk around the house leaving track marks that you will have to clean unless you enjoy living in a messy house.

  1. It can get very cold

Most of the places get cold during the holiday season. When buyers are walking in the house, they will leave the doors open and open the windows. They do this without caring about your heating bill. You will end up paying a high heating bill which you might not want. It is one of the reasons why you are encouraged not to sell your house during the holidays.

  1. You might experience delays during the holidays

If you want to sell your house during the holidays, you are more likely to experience delays in making a closing on the property. No one wants to have their house in the market for a long time. However, since the holiday is the season with the lowest real estate transactions, your property might stay on the listings longer than you expected.

Also, potential buyers operate on their schedule which might not be convenient for you. They will disrupt your holiday plans and not make a decision on time. Even if they plan on purchasing your house over Christmas, banks and other financial lenders will delay the process since they close their offices for several days between Christmas and the New Year holiday.

These are some demerits of selling a house during the holiday season. It is not that you should not sell it; it is just not a good idea to go through all that trouble over the holidays. You can consider selling your house during other seasons that are not holiday related like spring or summer.

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