Sell My House Houston | Five Home Selling Tips In Summer

Sell My House Houston

As summer approaches, most home sellers are wondering which is the best way I can sell my house Houston during summer and if there are tips and tricks I can use to sell this season. If you are putting up your home for sale this season, you’ll have to ensure that it stands out amongst the competition. The following are five tips to should consider if I want to sell my house this summer:

Clean the outside walls

The seasons of spring and winter attract a lot of grime and dust which can make your home look dull. You can invest a little money and time to power wash the exterior walls of your home, to make your home look fresh and clean. By cleaning your outside walls, your home will stand out among other homes on your street.

Add some flowers

Adding flowers is an affordable way of adding color to your home. Buy some flowers and plant them around the exterior of your home, and also bring a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your house to create interest and also add a pop of color. You can also add lots of flowers to your backyard and along the pathways.


Most people buy homes because they can envision themselves owning and also relaxing in that home. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing that gives comfort like a house that’s cool. You can simply run several fans and an air conditioner to cool off the house. The fans will help in circulating cool air in the house and also prevent stale air and warm spots from building up in some parts of the house.

Invest in your lawn

Your curb appeal is always a consideration once you decide to sell your home. Regular pruning and mowing your lawn is a must when your home is on sale during summer. You can also consider adding some plants planted in several bright colored pots or hanging baskets to give your home a seasonal edge. A beautiful and well-kept lawn will stand out, and help you add to the perceived value of your home. If you are ready to go the extra mile, you can also seal your driveway to make your home stand out too.

Set the stage

Most people buy homes because they can envision themselves in that home. That means that you have a responsibility of helping people to see themselves in your home. To achieve this, you should consider setting the stage to make them feel like they are already enjoying the home. You can plan a barbecue and bring the backyard furniture together to set the table. Serve your guests some fresh lemonade and snacks, to create a friendly and livable atmosphere.

In order to sell my house fast this summer, I will make use of these five summer home selling tricks to make my home attractive and more appealing to home buyers.

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