How To Handle My Houston, TX, House During Divorce

Divorces are difficult. We can all agree with that. They say that approximately 40-50% of marriages ended in divorce the previous year, and this number is likely to go up in the subsequent years. Therefore, if you’ve found yourself contemplating a divorce, We Buy Fast Houston Houses wants you to know that you’re not alone.

What happen to my home during divorce?

Divorcing and SellingWell, this is one of those things that you and your (soon to be Ex) spouse will have to decide. You can handle the situation in one of two ways: one of you can keep it, or you can sell fast and share the proceeds.

Selling is an option that you explore if you cannot agree who’s going to keep my home after divorce. However, if you choose to go down this road, you should know that the process would drag on. That’s if you’re not planning to sell directly to We Buy Fast Houston Houses. We are a property investment company that can help you save a lot of time and money.

Why sell my home directly while divorcing?

Professional property buyers in Houston, Texas, already have what it takes to navigate the market with ease. Closing deals fast has never been an issue to us. A typical home purchase will, without a doubt, drag on because buyers still have to inspect the property, go through their documents to be certain that they are qualified for a loan, wait for the mortgage approval, etc.

There’s also the other issue of commission. When selling my home fast with a real estate agent, you’ll have to pay a 3% per side fee in commission. So let’s say you find a buyer who wants to meet your $300,000 asking price. $18,000 will go to commission!

Purchasing my Houston, Texas house as-is

We Buy Fast Houston Houses usually buys homes from divorcing couples as-is. That means, as a seller, you won’t have to budget for upgrades, repairs, or any other unnecessary expense that would leave you broke. We don’t even ask for an inspection report. We understand the pain hat you’re going through and that’s why we want to help you move on fast.

Lower risk transactions

We Buy Fast Houston Houses has a selling process that’s straight forward. Before selling to us, we will walk you through the steps, and then give you a clear contract that outlines the terms of the as-is purchase. You will also be mitigating the risk of being sued after the purchase because the buyer will be buying my home as-is.

No showings

This is usually one of the hardest, if not the hardest, bit of the selling process. There’s nothing more irritating than being told by your real estate agent that a buyer just wanted to view the property, not knowing you’re about to sit down and share a meal with your family. A professional buyer would never do that to you. And if you want to find out whether what we’re saying is true or not, just talk to our past clients.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses will help you sell my home with ease during divorce. You can send us a message or fill out our online forms.

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