How Best To Avoid Paying Agent Fees

You’ve probably heard about the various fees charged by real estate agents in Texas, right? Like many other sellers, I bet you’re now wondering what you can do to avoid paying agent fees.

Selling a property in Houston is costly. Only someone who’s been through the process best understands the hassles involved and the expenses. Many people prefer working with real estate agencies because it’s easier to trust these professionals to find a genuine buyer in Houston. Selling directly to a buyer can expose you to so many risks in this market, and many sellers are well aware of this fact. This might be the prime reason why many of them choose to take the conventional route instead.

Unfortunately, if you wish to score big you have to be ready to take risks. Selling to a cash investor might be way too risky because you don’t really know a lot about them. But if you do your due diligence, you’ll find one who’s ready to buy fast your Houston house at a fair price. For instance, when selling my Houston home I found out that We Buy Fast Houston Houses were the people I wanted to sell to. They usually buy houses as-is and their prices are fair. By selling directly to a buyer, you get the opportunity to cut the middle out the middle man.

Benefits of using a cash investor

It’s always good to take a minute and think things through. Ask yourself what you get in return when dealing with an agent and while selling to a real estate investor. Who between these two parties will get you a better deal? Some of the advantages of selling to a cash investor in Houston include:

  • The deals go down pretty fast considering real estate investors normally have enough cash to buy houses. They rarely depend on banks and this is why sellers always find themselves closing deals in less than a week.
  • You get a larger slice of the pie by cutting out the middle guy. In addition, compared to an individual buyer they usually have more cash to spend. So chances are you’ll get a lifetime deal by selling your Houston home to them.
  • No fee is collected after the sale. A cash investor will approach you through a representative. This individual will be responsible for the negotiations, but that doesn’t mean he or she gets to be paid commission or any other fee for that matter.
  • No closing fee to worry about. This will depend on the company you choose to sell your house to. If you decide you want to sell your Houston home to us, all the closing costs will be paid by the company.

How best to avoid paying agent fees when selling in Houston

The answer is simple! Work with a real estate company like ours. Gone are the days when everybody thought that only viable option to selling a Houston house was through an agent. You can now sell successfully to a cash investor and have your money in less than a week. You won’t even have to fix the house at all.

Take back the power by selling to a cash investor in Houston. For more information, contact us today!

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