Differentiating A Houston Home Investor From An Agent

To successfully sell real estate in Houston, Texas you have to exercise intelligence and trust the right people. The minute you decide to sell you should start thinking about who’ll be instrumental in the exercise. For instance, reputable agents are not easy to come by, and in addition to that, you have to figure out whether you’d be okay reaching out to a Houston home investor. How to find a genuine real estate realtor and property cash buyer is a discussion for another day. Today, we want to tell you how you can differentiate these two people and help you decide who between them you’d want to work with to sell your Houston house in Texas.

Immediately people know that your Houston home is on the market different individuals will approach you with various offers. Some will want to help you sell while others will want to buy the property from you. So you can already tell that even though everyone will show up offering help, they will be ready to offer different services. That’s how you know who a Houston real estate cash investor is and who’s an agent willing to help you find the right home buyer. Let’s get into it!

Instead of beating around the bush, you can go straight ahead and ask whoever approaches you what kind of help they are offering. Ask them what they are planning to do with the house. Are they going to buy the Houston home or list it? A Texas realtor will tell you that they want to list the property on a listing service while they try to find the buyer who’s ready to work with your asking price. They will also show the house to several other people looking to buy.

What about a cash investor? Well, they won’t list your property. They will directly buy my home seeing as they want to flip it and sell it to someone else at a different price. We are one such firm operating in Texas.

  • The selling timeline

The other way of telling who’s who is by asking them about their schedule. A Houston real estate agent won’t be able to give you a definitive answer because they not only have to find a buyer but find one who’s willing or ready to buy the property at that given rate. If you ask around, you’ll be told by past sellers that it took them three to twelve months selling through an agent. That’s why more people are choosing to sell with the help of a cash investor. We will buy your home right away. How fast you sell to our company depends on how quickly you want to sell.

  • Commission versus no fee needed

This is usually the ‘deal breaker.’ You see a Houston agent wants to make money from the sale. So he won’t be ready to settle for less. In fact, you might not be in the driver’s seat during the entire experience. He or she will charge you roughly six percent of the sale price which means if the home gets sold at 100,000 dollars, they get 6,000 dollars. A cash investor, on the other hand, will pay all the closing fees, won’t ask you to repair the house, or charge you any commission. They will only give you the money.

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