A Buyer’s Perspective Of An As-Is Home Sale In Houston, TX

Home Sale In Houston, TX
Home Sale In Houston, TX

Wouldn’t you agree that selling my home as-is in Houston, Texas, sounds like a pretty good deal? Just imagine being told you’ll be given the opportunity to sell fast, without having to scurry around fixing the place up! But We Buy Fast Houston Houses isn’t interested in what the seller thinks today. We want to talk to buyers willing to buy homes as-is in Texas.

So, what does an as-is home sale mean to Houston homebuyers? The truth is, during a listing, whenever most buyers see the phrase, “as-is” they immediately retreat thinking it’s a red flag. But those are buyers that don’t really see that value in such real estate. At We Buy Fast Houston Houses, we see that as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to help the community around us grow, while expanding our business.

Selling my house as-is in Houston, Texas

First off, it won’t be easy to find a real estate agent who’s willing to sell my home as-is in Houston, Texas. They always see that as essentially wasting time. But if you do manage to find one, they’ll know what it takes to sell the property as-is, and not try to force you to make a few repairs.

As a buyer you should understand the fact that an as-is sale will be tacked on a property that’s not move-in ready. So do not expect to buy and move in right away. Also, it does not necessarily mean that the property is in a terrible state. Maybe the repairs and upgrades needed were not costly, but the seller could not work on them because they had other things that were top priority.

The other reason as to why a property in Houston, Texas would be classified as an as-is sale is foreclosure. If it was foreclosed, the previous owner is not responsible for the repairs because it’s now bank-owned.

So whatever the reason, it should be clear to you that the owners are not willing to work on it before selling. All the want is find a buyer willing to make a reasonable offer, sell, and move on with their lives. And you should respect that.

Pros and cons of an as-is home sale in Houston, Texas

The question that We Buy Fast Houston Houses gets asked so many times is, how’s buying an as-is home an opportunity for the buyer, if they are just going to pay for all the costs of repair? And this is what we always say: It all boils down to the cash value. “As-is” should be taken as an indication that the property could be classified as a fixer-upper. The seller will always be open to a low offer.

On top of that, we also have the perspective of a faster sale. No home seller in Houston, Texas, will list their house as an as-is property without the intention of closing fast. So if you wanted to buy fast and move on, an as-is home is the best option.

The downsides are pretty obvious and shouldn’t be underestimated. Therefore, you’re advised to always work with a professional like We Buy Fast Houston Houses if you don’t want to lose money in the process.


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