8 mistakes that keep inexperienced home sellers from selling their homes

Are you a home seller and are struggling to find companies that buy houses? There are several possible reasons why you may be finding it hard to get a buyer including a slow market or the fact that your house might be the most elegant in the area. However, it could also be because you are making certain rookie mistakes than even seasoned home sellers make from time to time.

Fortunately, these blunders can be easily prevented or rectified. We interviewed several real estate agents who have been in the industry for a long time and came up with the, most common blunders that people make when selling their home. These include the following;

1. You are using substandard photographs

Most home buyers search for homes on the internet. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that the images you post alongside the description of the house are of high quality. Enlisting the help of a professional photographer will go a long way in ensuring that you will have visually appealing photos to market your home online. You can also take the photos yourself if you know that you are an extremely talented photographer.

2. Giving agents a hard time when they are showing your home to buyers

When you decide I need to sell my Houston house fast, be ready to enjoy little privacy because potential buyers will be streaming in and out of your home. Make it easy for agents to show buyers around anytime they request to view the property. You can do this by allowing your agent to have the keys to the house in their possession so that they can have access to your house even when you are far from the area.

3. Hanging around your house

Distance yourself from your house when a home investor comes around to view it because some buyers will feel uncomfortable asking sensitive questions about the house when the owner is peering over their shoulder.

4. Not cleaning efficiently

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. There is something about a clean place that makes it appealing even if it is not so glamorous. Consider hiring a professional cleaner to ensure that your house is sparkling clean. You can also go the extra mile and declutter the house and store the items in a rented storage. Decluttering will make it easy for the buyer to appreciate the home and it will also make it easy for you to take appealing photos for your marketing purposes.

5. Pricing the house way above its market value

It is natural for someone to want to get the highest price out of the sale of their property. Home investors have observed that most sellers tend to overprice the value of their homes. Sometimes, a person can be influenced by the amount of money their neighbors have sold their houses and think that theirs could also be worth that amount as well. Pricing your home too highly from the outset can have negative implications because it will mean that the house will stay in the market for an extended period. Prospective buyers will have a bad perception of your home if they find out it has been on the market for over four weeks. This means they will give it a wide berth to your disadvantage. The best thing to do in this situation will be to heed the advice of your agent regarding the listing price.

6. Refusing to reduce the price

Being adamant about the price of your home can cause you to lose worthy buyers. You need to be willing to negotiate and lower your price even if you have priced it correctly because you might only be receiving a few thousand less than what you hoped to get which will not be a bad deal after all.

7. Pets present during showing

It is wrong to assume that all people love pets. Therefore, leaving your pet in the house during showing can have a negative impact on your attempt to sell the house. Go with them or leave them at your neighbor’s house. Remove all the stuff belonging to your pet such as collars, leashes, and toys and store them away then vacuum the house before the buyers come for the showing.

8. Displaying political or religious belongings for all to see

Peoples hold different religious and political beliefs. You do not know who will come around to view your house so you should not leave your political and religious belongings lying around since they can be off-putting and dividing. Put such material away because you do not want the Houston house buyer to get distracted by anything.

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