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Houston Foreclosure Scammers

Statistics have indicated that foreclosure in Houston has drastically increased over the past few years. Clearly, many homeowners in this part of the country are going through a rough patch. People are losing homes and this has given unscrupulous individuals an opportunity to prey upon those who don’t know any better. I’m talking about foreclosure […]

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What To Do When Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure refers to the process that happens to a homeowner once he fails to make payments for a mortgage. This is a legal process through which the homeowner forfeits all the rights to his or her property. If the homeowner is not in a position to clear the outstanding debt or sell his property through […]

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Dealing with Foreclosure

Dealing with Foreclosure is probably the worst for any homeowner with a monthly mortgage repayment; it is however very common especially in this tough economic times. Foreclosure happens when one is late with their repayments to the point of receiving a Notice of Default (NoD) from your lender. If the situation escalates to this point, […]

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