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Do you know what We Buy Fast Houston Houses loves about the real estate industry? It’s the fact that it always offers different resources and models for anyone looking to invest. So, while shopping around for a real estate agent or potential brokerage, you’ll likely bump into one who offers to help you sell fast at a reduced commission.

And that’s the bone of contention today. Is it wise to trust my home in Houston, Texas, with an agent who offers low commission? We Buy Fast Houston Houses understands’ that the opportunity to save more money is enticing to anyone but is it really worth it?

The home selling experience

Before hiring a real estate agent in Houston, Texas, we would advise you to first envision the whole experience. Would you prefer someone who offers the complete package or one who only provides the basic?

You’ll definitely save a good penny while working with a low commission agent and even get excellent service but their resources will obviously be limited. And to be honest, you’ll sound like a crazy person if you expect an undivided attention from a realtor who makes way less from the transaction.

The budget is a factor worth taking into account but you also need to understand that an agent who’s fully dedicated to your needs won’t hesitate to go above and beyond. They’ll undoubtedly deliver if you hand them the reins entirely.

Risk of dual agency

In case you have no idea of what we’re referring to here’s a fine example:

Let’s say you choose to list my home with an agent known as Jane Doe. Ms. Jane has decided to list the property at $300,000 for a 2% commission. that’s a pretty good deal, right? She’ll ask you to settle the buyer’s agent commission, which might also be 2% or less.

Once the property sells, Jane will collect $6,000 from you. But because the commission is discounted, Ms. Jane might be tempted to represent the buyer as well. So she’s end up collecting more from just that one transaction.

This is what we refer to as dual agency, and it’s illegal in some states, and not all of them. It’s a risk that you’ll have to deal with.

Possibility of underselling

It’s easier to command a good price while working with a top agent than when selling with a discounted realtor. Unlike other industries, there are no fixed prices in the housing industry. If you’re hoping to find a Kelly Blue Book for my house in Houston, Texas, you’ll surely be disappointed.

The amount that the property sell for will mostly depend on the strategic improvements, and the agent’s network. So an experienced agent won’t just come to the table empty-handed. They’ll have a well-connected network, and they’ll expect you to pay for those services. 

Selling for cash

Working with an established real estate agent is the only way to reduce all these risks, but if you’re trying to save cash while selling my home, you should talk to a cash buyer. Not only will you be able to sell my home as-is, but you’ll also sell fast.

Call us, and we’ll show you how.

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