Reasons Why Refinancing My Home In Houston, TX Is A Bad Idea

Refinancing home

Okay, so We Buy Fast Houston Houses can tell you’re thinking of refinancing my home in Texas. And we fully support your decision. However, we just think selling might be a way better option compared to refinancing, and here’s why:

The missed payments

What’s your credit situation like? How many payments have you missed over the past couple of months? Two? Three? Or more?

And are you sure that situation is going to improve any time soon, or are you just hoping it will? Because we’ve dealt with clients in the past who told us they thought they’d be in a better position as time passes, only to be disappointed.

Don’t let your current situation exacerbate to something that will haunt you for eons. If you do nothing about it, your credit rating will eventually drop, and your debtors won’t spare you. They’ll right away increase the interest on the existing lines of credit, and that will be the beginning of the end.

First comes the foreclosure and then the embarrassments. You’ll always feel like you’re walking with a chip on your shoulders no matter where you go.

Debt Problems

Refinancing is a way of dealing with current debts but is it really a solution? Because we see it as more debts on top of the existing ones. Why dig that hole deeper when what you need to be doing is look for a way you can dig yourself out of it?

Selling is the best idea in this case. We Buy Fast Houston Houses understands you don’t want to sell because you have fond memories of the properties, but nobody’s asking you to sell the memories. You’ll only be selling the house.

Changes In Your Stream Of Income

There are no certainties in life. Come to think of it, that’s one of the things that define life. say you had a good paying job but you were suddenly laid off. You were lucky to secure a different gig before you drained your bank account but unfortunately, the cash inflow isn’t as great as it used to be.

The first few months will be okay. But as time passes by, you start realizing that you’re struggling financially, mainly because the current income can’t sustain the mortgage that you used to pay comfortably.

If this change was going to be temporary, we would advise you to go ahead with your refinance plan. But seeing as its permanent, selling my house fast in Houston, Texas is the best option here.

Who Will Help You Sell Fast?

We will. We Buy Fast Houston Houses has the wealth of experience required to make that happen. You don’t have to think about the condition of the property or even how the paperwork will be handle. If you’re really serious about selling, it can be done in a matter of days.

What about the commission? the real estate commission is only relevant if you’re working with a realtor. We’re a different entity, so that’s not something that you’ll have to budget for.

Now, pick up that phone and start dialing.

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